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My Stay at Wolfson's Children's Hospital

This is me the day after surgery. If you look real close, you'll be able to see me among all the tubes and wires. I hated that breathing tube they had down my throat, and even though I was only 6-weeks old, I fought very hard to get that tube out. I fought so hard that they had to give me a drug to paralyze me for a few days to give my body a chance to heal. When they let me wake up, they were nice enough to get rid of that tube and I felt a lot better.

See that cute white bear with the black bow-tie behind my head? My mom's friend Ellen brought him in for me. Everyone was so nice. The great team of people my mom works with sent me cards and flowers and a huge white bear along with prayers and get well wishes. My big brother's babysitter Gaga had everyone at her church praying for me, and Jim W. from her church, came to see me several times to check on how I was doing, and to give my mom and dad some much needed support!

If you look behind the bear, you'll see a basket with a cassette player. The music therapy lady brought that in for me along with a tape filled with soothing lullaby music. The music helped to calm me when I would get really agitated. Sometimes she would bring her guitar and sing me a song or two, she had a beautiful voice. My mom and I would always feel better after she stopped by!

Day After Surgery
I stayed on 4 different floors while I was at the hospital, which was 2 days shy of one month! I started out on the 4th floor, where most of the sick children stay, while they ran several different tests. The last test, and the one that worried my parents the most was the cardiac catheterization. that's a diagnostic test in which a fine tube called a catheter is introduced into the heart, via a blood vessel, to investigate its condition. They had to run two tubes in my case, one to check my arteries and the other to check my heart. Once in position, the catheter can measure blood pressure within the heart, withdraw blood to measure its oxygen content, or inject a dye that is opaque to X rays into the cavities of the heart so that X-ray photographs of them can be taken. When they were finished, they showed my mom and dad "moving pictures" of what was going on inside me. I spent one day in PICU (3rd floor) after the procedure, then I was moved up to the 6th floor, they called the "heart floor". I spent almost a week up there awaiting surgery. On March 25th, I was taken down to the 2nd floor for my open heart surgery. My parents were very nervous handing me over for that one. "His heart is in God and Dr. Ceithaml's hands now" they said as they watched them carry me away to the operating room. I spent 5 more days in PICU on floor 3, then I was moved back up to the 6th floor for the remainder of my stay, which turned out to be 11 more days. The nurses were getting to know me quite well by then. It was a happy day for all of us when my parents were given the okay to take me HOME!
Going From Floor to Floor
My surgery was done at the Wolfson's Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. There is a skywalk that connects Wolfson's to the Nemours Children's Clinic. Wolfson's is also connected to Baptist Medical Center.
October 11, 1999 & May 6, 2003

This is me at 8 months old with my big brother Nate. My favorite pasttime? Pulling his hair! See the next picture, I am now the victim of my 8 month old brother. Mom was right when she said What Goes Around Comes Around!!
Please don't forget to check back now and then for updated photograhs of my progress. I know my condition is rare, but my mom has already located several babies who have this in common with me, and she's still looking for others to correspond with.

My last appointment with my heart doctor was September 21st, I weighed 13 pounds 11 ounces, and was 26 inches long. At my 9 month check up I weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces. I just turned 11-months old January 11th. I no longer have to take the Lasix and Aldactone, and I'm feeling great.

I don't have to see the heart doctor again until May of 2000!

Update, I am now 30 months old (as of Aug 11, 20001). Still pushing 20 pounds, but otherwise I am doing great. I have boundless energy and the only obvious sign that something isn't quite right is my small size.

Until next time, thank you for visiting my web site, and please sign my guest book if you can!


This picture was taken today 10/16/02. I am now 3 1/2 years old, I weigh about 23 pounds. I have been quite healthy in spite of having scimitar syndrome. I am now a big brother to Nash Sterling born 9/3/02. I am very proud to be his big brother!

Noah, and my mom, Chris
My new little brother
It seems the contact me page isn't working, so please email me: christine_in_jax@yahoo.com